Pure Advantage

Comprised of business leaders who believe the private sector has an important role to play in creating a greener, wealthier New Zealand, Pure Advantage is a not-for-profit that investigates and promotes opportunities for green growth.

We partnered with Pure Advantage to create a powerful media hub to establish them as thought leaders in the space as well as supporting them broadly in their community engagement.

Our Forest Future

As New Zealanders, our national identity and global advantage is dependent upon our environment.

After assisting Pure Advantage to make the transition to become New Zealand’s leading Green Growth news platform in 2015, we were challenged to present Dr David Hall’s Discussion Paper ‘Our Forest Future’ in a way that would bring to life the content in a contemporary way that was accessible to all New Zealanders.

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Storytelling in a Digital Age

We worked with Photographer Josh Griggs and Professional Wildman Geoff Reid to incorporate a wealth of imagery into the paper that would evoke a palpable sense of loss from a potential future of excessive deforestation in New Zealand.

We integrated responsive data visualisations that helped to show the alarming rates of decline in our forests and an interactive Afforestation Pathway segment gave the reader a insight into common paths to tree planting.

A soapbox

As a not-for-profit, Pure Advantage does not have big multi-format media budgets. What it does have though is passionate support from thought leaders and socially environmental businesses.

We assisted Pure Advantage in formulating a release plan that resulted in the article being the most popular media release since Pure Advantage’s inception in 2012, with tens of thousands of interactions across social media.

“Social and Media live in the future. They are savvy, creative, technical professionals who love being presented with a challenge and coming up with innovative solutions to improve business connectivity and performance. They are collaborative and bring energy and enthusiasm to strategy sessions.”

– Simon Millar, CEO

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