Natural Things

Natural Things are a team on a mission to educate and empower New Zealanders to live a healthier lifestyle by making simple changes to the products they use and consume.

We supported them on this mission by giving their brand and e-commerce site a complete overhaul.

A Showcase for Nature

Natural Things only stocks products they truly believe in.

They have an unmatched passion for product sourcing and brand representation and they needed a new digital home to do that justice.


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A brand new brand

An opportunity for rebranding was presented and we worked closely with Natural Things to ensure the new branding was evocative of health and wellbeing and respectful of its roots whilst giving them an inspiring new look.


A brand new website

At the same time as updating their branding we also completely revamped their website, contemporising the design and code and greatly improving the functionality. We built them a beautiful new site that works just as well on mobile as it does on desktop.

The best light

E-commerce sites can live and die by their product photography and the old site’s presentation had become somewhat inconsistent over time.

To remedy this in conjunction with the rebrand we re-photographed the entire product range to ensure that the products were presented in the best possible way.  

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